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Extreme Weather And Your Roof: How To Prepare And Protect Your Home

Protect Your Home With Effective Roofing Solutions For Extreme Weather

As a homeowner, one of the most important things you can do is protect your property from damage. When it comes to bad weather, your roof is the first thing to protect your home. Osslund Roofing Inc. is a roofing contractor that has been in this field of industry for more than 20 years and is owned and run by a family. Our commitment to doing good work and ensuring customers are happy has given them a good name in the industry. We do roof leak repair, roof replacement, and roof maintenance. We know exactly what needs to be done to keep it in good shape.

So, we’ve got you covered for heavy rain, high winds, and harsh winter weather. To get a quote, call (630) 663-9400 today! Let us protect your home and ensure your roof stays strong and stable for years.

Steps On How To Prepare And Protect Your Home Roof From Extreme Weather

The first line of your house defense is your roof. Prepare your roof for this weather to protect your home and family from damage. Here are the ways to get your roof ready for bad weather:

Step 1: Inspect Your Roof

Before doing anything else, inspect it to see if there is any damage. Check the shingles for cracks, curls, missing shingles, and other signs of wear and tear. Taking care of any problems will help keep the damage from worsening.

Step 2: Trim Trees

Branches hanging over it can be hazardous when strong winds or storms occur. Cut back branches close to or touching your roof to lower the risk of damage.

Step 3: Clean Your Gutters

Clean your gutters so they don’t get clogged and cause water damage. This will also help keep ice dams from forming when it’s cold.

Step 4: Install Gutter Guards

Consider installing gutter guards to keep debris out of your gutters. This can make clogs and water damage less likely. 

Step 5: Reinforce Your Roof

Install hurricane straps or clips to strengthen it and lessen damage from high winds.

Step 6: Seal Any Leaks

Check for holes or leaks and seal them with roofing cement or caulking to stop water damage.

Step 7: Check Your Attic

Look for signs of problems like leaks in your attic, such as water stains or mold. Taking care of any problems in your attic can help keep your roof from getting damaged.

Step 8: Install Storm Shutters

Identify your place if you are living in a location that often gets hurricanes or other intense storms, you should put up storm shutters. It will protect your windows and stop the damage from flying debris.

Step 9: Secure Loose Items

Protect any loose things in your yard, like patio furniture or grills, so they don’t become dangerous projectiles when the wind picks up.

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Protecting Your Home From Extreme Weather

Step 10: Insulate Your Attic

Putting the right amount of insulation in your attic can help keep your house at the right temperature and stop ice dams from forming on it.

Step 11: Install A Lightning Rod

Consider installing a lightning rod to protect your house from it if you are living in a lightning-prone area

Step 12: Check Your Insurance

Check your insurance policy or ask about the coverage on damage caused by bad weather. If you need to, think about adding more coverage.

Step 13: Have A Plan

Making a plan in case something goes wrong is important. Always ensure everyone knows what to do if the weather turns bad.

Step 14: Hire A Professional

Hire a pro when hiring a professional. Contractors can inspect it for damage and make necessary repairs to ensure it won’t leak.These step help prepare your roof for bad weather and protect your home and family. Remember that taking precautions is always better than dealing with bad weather’s aftermath.

Advantage Of Maintaining A Safe And Sound Roof

A strong home roofing is an essential part of any building. It not only keeps you and your things safe from the weather, but it also makes your home worth more. Here are some excellent reasons to keep it in good shape:

• Protects Your Home From Water Damage

A well-maintained roof keeps water out of your home, protecting structural and personal property. It will surely be expensive and will take a long time to fix, so taking precautions is crucial.

• Saves You Money On Energy Bills

A strong roof helps keep the temperature even in your home, so your heating and cooling systems will have to work less. This can help you save your bucks on your energy bills over time.

• Increases The Lifespan

It will surely last longer if you take care of it, and you will save money on repairs and replacements. It will surely last for decades if properly cared for.

• Enhances The Curb Appeal Of Your Home

Your home will look better if it is in good condition. Its value may increase if you decide to sell it in the future.

• Provides A Safe Living Environment

A secure roof ensures you and your family have a safe place to live. You won’t have to worry about leaks or structural damage, which can cause accidents and injuries.

• Prevents Pest Infestations

Pests like mice and bugs can enter your home if it is damaged. Pest infestations can be avoided by doing regular maintenance.

• Reduces Insurance Premiums

Insurance companies see a well-kept roof as less of a risk. It can lead to lower insurance premiums.

• It Provides Peace Of Mind

Having peace of mind can come from knowing that it is in good condition. You won’t have to worry about emergency roof repair or replacements coming out of the blue.

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Protect Your Home With Our Roofing Services

• Maintains The Structural Integrity Of Your Home

A damaged roof may jeopardize your home’s structural integrity. Maintaining your home’s structural integrity requires regular maintenance.

• Increases The Resale Value Of Your Home

The value of your home can go up if you care for your roof. It shows potential buyers that you have cared for your property well. It might make them more interested in your house.

It is important that it will keep it in good condition. This is in order to keep your home safe. It will not only add to the value of your property. It will also make it a safer place for you to live for you and your family. Regular maintenance can save you money and give you peace of mind in the long run. So, if you want these advantages, you must take care of them.

Things To Consider When Hiring A Professional To Protect Your Home

Hiring an expert is a significant decision that must be considered. A roof is a considerable investment, so you must ensure it’s done right. Here are some things to think about when hiring a professional:

Licensing And Insurance

Ensure the expert you hire has a license, worker’s compensation, and liability insurance. This will protect you in case something breaks or goes wrong on the job.


Look for roofing experts who have been in business for a long time and have a good track record. Experts who have worked for a long time will have the skills and knowledge to do any job, big or small.


Read customer reviews and testimonials to find out about their reputation. You can also ask for references and talk to clients they’ve worked with before to get an idea of how they do business and how good their work is.


The work of experts should come with a guarantee. This will give you peace of mind because the roof repair specialist will return and fix it for free if something goes wrong.


Get several quotes from different contractors before making a choice. Only sometimes choose the cheapest option because that could be a sign that the work or materials could be better.


Look for an expert who can talk to you clearly and effectively. They should be able to answer all your questions and update you on how the roofing project is going.

Quality Of Materials

Make sure experts use high-quality materials that will last. Cheaper materials may save you money in the short term, but they will almost cost you more in the long run because they must be fixed or replaced more often.

If you think about these things, you can find experts who will do good work.  It will help your roof last for a long time. Take your time with the process. Instead, take your time and make an informed choice that will help you in the long run. 

Extreme weather can put your roof and the safety of your home in danger. But you can reduce the risks by preparing and protecting your roof best. Check it regularly for damage or signs of wear and tear, and fix it as needed. Keep your gutters and downspouts clean so water doesn’t pool on your roof. This includes putting on a protective layer or coating to make it more resistant to the weather. Choose a reputable roofing company like Osslund Roofing Inc. if you need help with maintenance or repairs on your roof. We can help you protect your home and ensure your roof stays in good shape for a long time.

Don’t let bad weather catch you off guard. Get a free estimate by calling (630) 663-9400. Protect your roof and home, and rest easy knowing you’re ready for anything.

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  • Clear Your Landscaping.
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A regular roof inspection is essential for detecting potential damage: roof repair or replacement. Remove any trees or large bushes.  Clear your gutters.  Remove any foreign objects.  Install a long-lasting roofing material.  Employ the services of a roofing contractor.  Make sure your roof is properly ventilated.

Ensure the roof’s edge is sealed with a roofing cement to keep gale-force winds from penetrating underneath. Additionally, ensure that the roof decking is sealed. Install wind-resistant sheathing. When installing a new roof, ensure the sheathing is windproof.

Use these simple steps to keep your home safe from water damage all year. Know where the stopcock is located.  Check for leaks ahead of time.  Check that your sump pump is operational.  Keep your gutters free of debris.  Inspect your roof from the inside out.  Keep your pipes from freezing.  Pipes that are exposed should be properly insulated. 

Gutters are an essential roofing system component, directing rain away from your home. As a result, it’s critical to ensure they’re in good working order. Gutter cleaning should be done on a regular basis.

You can protect your roof from lightning damage by installing a metal roof lightning protection system. A lightning protection system comprises a roof lightning rod that prevents power surges from entering your home

Roof maintenance suggestions to avoid leaks and damage As much as possible, avoid walking on your roof. To reach the gutters and eaves, use a ladder. Even in the winter, keep roof vents open to allow for ventilation.  Trim your trees to not rub against the roof and create debris. Gutter cleaning should be done on a regular basis.