Roof Installation

Trusting your roofer is important. Whether you want to add a skylight to your current roof or replace your leaking flat roof with a pitched roof, Osslund Roofing, Inc. has the right product for your home.

When you need a new roof, we use building materials from CertainTeed. CertainTeed makes the best residential and commercial shingles in the country. They have more than 300 roofing options and the highest quality standards in the industry.

Osslund Roofing, Inc. is a reputable company that sells and installs roofing for homes. We can help you if you need new roofs, want to replace your old roof, or want to find better ways to protect your investment.

Having the right roof is vital to keep your home and family safe. CertainTeed’s roofing products are made to last longer and protect better than other products on the market.

Finding a CertainTeed-certified contractor like Osslund Roofing, Inc. to install a certain type of shingle is the first step in choosing a good roofing material for your home. Discover why over 80% of architects and builders choose CertainTeed Roofing Products when a high-quality product and expert installation are needed.